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KillaCycle is billed as the world's fastest electrically powered motorcycle. It was built by a team run by Bill Dubé and was specifically designed for drag racing and is it is also claimed by the KillaCycle team that it is the quickest and fastest electric powered vehicle of all time on the drag strip.

Its secret

The team behind KillaCycle claims that its secret to the speeds it is able to achieve are in the batteries. These are nano-phosphate battery cells and are the same which are found in certain brands of cordless power tools.

In August 2000, KillaCycle was the first electric powered vehicle of any kind to reach over 150 mph on a quarter mile drag strip. Seven years later in November 2007, it achieved another first and broke the eight seconds barrier on the drag strip.

Achieving a small amount of somewhat negative publicity in September 2007, KillaCycle's inventor Bob Dubé was attempting to perform a burnout on the bike in front of cameras. He was not the regular rider and was not wearing any protective clothing. Although it has never been properly documented as to what happened next, it appeared that he released the brakes and went flying off at high speed into the side of a minivan. Fortunately, he did not sustain any major injuries.

KillaCycle custom artwork
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