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Depending on what home appliance you intend on buying, be it from something as plain and simple as a kettle to something that involves far more investment like a new cooker, with a little careful thought, hard earned money need not be lost. Here I'll discuss the best practices to put into place when buying a new home appliance.

If you're buying a new appliance, then the first thing that should be taken into consideration is the cost and just what your budget will afford. Once this has been taken into consideration, you have to consider the fact that the cheapest option might not always be the best. Ask yourself some questions:

• Is the item adequate enough for your requirements?

• Will the appliance be adequate enough for unforeseeable future uses, such as an expanding family?

• If I can afford it, what I have I got to gain by not buying a more expensive model?

• Have you shopped around and compared prices?

Author's advice

When purchasing a new home appliance taking the lest costlier option may not always be the best policy. For instance, you may decide on purchasing a budget microwave oven with a one year warranty. If this breaks after just over a year, repairs or replacement will be required whereas if you had originally purchased a more expensive machine, you have to consider the fact that it may well have lasted considerably longer. Going for the cheapest options can sometimes be a false economy.

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