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Regardless of the material of which it is made of, there often comes a time when a watch strap will want replacing, be it through wear and tear or just from personal taste. Whilst this might not seem like too much of a difficult thing to contemplate, with a little bit of thought put into it, choosing the right strap could be like having a new watch. This article details out the factors that you can consider before choosing a replacement watch strap.

Why go for a new watch strap?

The reasons for a having new watch strap are manifold but the two most common factors are as follows: either it needs replacing because it could be old or worn out, or it might just be a fashion decision. Indeed, the fashion conscious may well have a perfectly fine watch but they may wish to change their strap to match their outfit on numerous occasions rather than amassing a large collection of timepieces.

Cost over quality

Whilst there are many cheap watch straps on the market, it may well be worth considering whether it is a false economy to go for such an option. For instance, an artificial leather watch strap might look the part but will it last as long as real leather? Also, whilst counterfeit straps are readily available online, how can you be sure that they do not also contain harmful metals, for example?

Replacing the strap

If you have many watches, the process of replacing the strap can be performed by yourself. However, for more sophisticated watches try and factor in the cost that the seller or a watchmaker might add to the initial cost of performing such a service and always find out if they will do this for free before making a purchase.

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