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The FBI Files is a television programme that was originally broadcast from 1998 until 2006. It is an American show and was first shown on the Discovery Channel. Even though the programme was cancelled, it is still receiving regular repeats across the world, including Channel 5 in the United Kingdom. This article looks at the top five episodes of The FBI Files (1998 - 2006).

The programme often had re-enactments of a dramatic nature of real FBI cases. These were intertwined with interviews from people who actually worked on the cases in the show. A total of 120 episodes were produced.

Factors taken into consideration when choosing

A number of different things came into play when choosing the top five episodes. It is generally perceived by fans of The FBI Files on the Discovery Channel that the earliest episodes showcased the show in its prime. Other elements also to be considered are reviews of individual episodes that have been written. It can be concluded that episodes with more reviews than others are also more popular.

The top five episodes (in no particular order)

Cat and Mouse

Young women in South Carolina are being abducted from their own front gardens in broad daylight, after which they are then tortured and murdered. FBI profilers and forensic experts struggle to end the serial killer's deadly game of 'cat and mouse'.

A Model Killer

Posing as a fashion photographer in Miami, a sadistic serial killer lures young women with promises of fame and fortune. Using the 'Ten Most Wanted' list, the FBI catches the calculating killer.

The Unabomber

This episode depicts a period of 18 years during which a nation has been terrorised by Ted Kaczynski (aka The Unabomber), all the time baffling Federal and local authorities. This stops when the FBI uses DNA from a stamp to trace the Unabomber to his backwoods cabin in Montana.

The True Story of Mississippi Burning

When the Klu Klux Klan members murder three civil rights workers in Mississippi, the FBI turns to a local informant who helps them to secure justice for the victims.

The World Trade Center Bombing

In 1993, a big explosion rocks the garage found under the World Trade Center. Six people die and more than one thousand people are injured in the bomb blast which rips a massive crater throughout the building. The FBI aims to identify and convict the terrorists behind the plot.

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